Signs That Your Senior Needs In-Home Care

Signs That Your Senior Needs In-Home Care

When seniors get to some age, they may start to slow down. It could be time to consider in-home care. Senior in-home care services are designed to improve safety, quality of life and overall happiness for the seniors. These services are usually tailored to the unique needs of an individual and their level of independence and mobility. In-home care is not for everyone. You need to learn the signs you should look for assistance from an in-home care agency.

Disheveled Appearance

senior citizen

One of the things you can notice about the seniors is changes in the way they look. It is usual for seniors to develop an unkempt or disheveled appearance. At times a change in appearance is due to the inability of the individual to care for themselves. Most seniors find it difficult to regularly shower, wash their clothes or brush their hair due to balance or mobility issues. In some situations, it is not a lack of coordination which is the problem but some disorders such as depression or the start of dementia.

House in Disarray

As your loved one grow older, it becomes harder for them to complete chores around the home. You can notice laundry piling up, thick layers of dust on the surface or dirty dishes in the sink. Outside the house, you can notice the landscaping needs maintenance. The yard may be overgrown, trees untrimmed and the garden filled with weeds.senior woman doing chores

Declining Wellbeing and Health

Another sign that shows your elder may require in-home care is unmet health needs. You may realize that the senior has missed various important doctor appointments due to the inability to remember the appointments or lack of transportation. Seniors may also forget to take drugs or take the wrong dose of the medications. Watch out for any conditions which have gotten noticeably worse with time. Such ailments can range from minor cuts to a lingering cough or limb.

Poor Nutritional Health

Whereas proper nutrition is vital in every stage of life, it is particularly critical during the elderly years. Most seniors, unfortunately, find it impractical to prepare meals for one or cannot shop or cook for themselves. Common signs that your seniors may not be receiving the nutrition include weight loss or gain, general weakness or un-stocked refrigerator or pantry.

Withdrawal for Favorite Activities

senior with a dog

May your senior stopped going to church after attending for decades. Or they have stopped taking their beloved pets for walks if you notice that your loved one has withdrawn from their normal activities, you will want to determine the reason for this. In some cases, the withdrawal is due to mobility issues. In other instances, it can be as a result of depression or other illnesses. Speak to them about their behavior change to determine if in-home care is ideal.

Unexplained Injuries or Bruises

While the occasional bruise or scrape is normally nothing to worry about, seeing constant injuries on the body of your loved one can be a cause of concern. Unexplained abrasions and bumps can mean that the individual is not able to get around the home as easily as they used to. Due to declining eyesight or mobility, they may bump into items or fall. If you notice such types of injuries on a recurring basis, you can recommend the help of an in-home care provider.

In-home care services, seniors receive one-on-one personalized care. If you see any of this signs, then it is time to hire the services of an in-home care agency. Paradise In-Home Care offer some of the best services for seniors.


How breastfeeding lowers heart diseases

How breastfeeding lowers heart diseases

Trends on the internet show that many new mothers are unaware of how breastfeeding lowers heart diseases. Breastfeeding is a biological process that naturally balances the contents of a human mother’s breast milk to improve the mother’s health and while meeting the nutritional requirements of a suckling baby. Unfortunately, many people decry breastfeeding because they fear the emotions associated with public embarrassment. However, they can quickly identify secluded places for their breastfeeding activity. These benefits of breastfeeding to both the mother and the child will show that there is no reason for being afraid and shy about this natural act. In fact, being able to feed a baby through its mother’s milk is something to cherish.

Find out how breastfeeding lowers heart diseases

1. Breastfeeding helps shed pregnancy weight

3456treaThe loss of pregnancy weight that comes with breastfeeding helps the mother to get back to a healthy body mass index (BMI) to prevent occurrences of heart diseases. A person with a very high BMI is at a higher risk of getting heart diseases. Thus, shedding pregnancy weight is an essential consideration for any recently delivered mother who is attending post-natal care. The benefits accumulate in the body and can help the mother to avoid the cardiovascular diseases for a decade.

2. Breastfeeding helps build a child’s immune

The immune system of humans depends on testing and constant redevelopment of threat defenses. When a child is growing, it needs all the help it can in developing an active immune system. Breastfed children receive bacteria and virus from their mothers that help to test and build their immune systems. The viruses and bacteria allow the white cells in the body to have a target to fight and in the process, the white cells develop particular associations that will help to address related disease problems. When the immune system is sturdy and works optimally then issues that could affect blood flow in the body diminish. Consequently, the heart faces less demand to pump blood and facilitate gaseous exchange through red blood cells. The baby remains healthy and free of heart diseases. The immune system also anticipates problems of heart diseases and tackles them in advance to guarantee a healthy childhood.

3. Breastfeeding is a form of exercise

Mothers often breastfeed why holding their babies. The babies may cry and prompt soothing by their mothers. The soothing action and the breastfeeding itself stimulate blood cells and the blood circulatory system of the mother to mimic a person who is exercising. The enhanced opening of vessels reduces the demands of the heart to pump blood and in the process clear the veins so that there are less fat deposits on the blood vessels. Fat deposits are known to cause constricted blood flow that could lead to heart conditions.3456ytre

4. Breastfeeding is a cleansing process for the mother

The breastfeeding mother gets rid of the baby milk from her mammary glands. Failure to breastfeed can lead to complications in the internal organs of the mother due to excess production of baby milk with no functional purpose for the mother’s body. Avoidance of these complications acts as a sure way to address some of the leading causes of heart diseases such as cholesterol management issues.